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Saving For A New Phone

I really wished I could buy a new phone right now, it is really so hard when my daughter doesn’t have a phone because she lends me her phone since mine was stolen last summer. Like for an instance, this afternoon, Mj only have a half-day class today since they only have a written exam. I was wondering and worried when she was not home yet, it was already past 12 at that time and usually she is already here by that time. I called the school and they said they just went home and the carpools might be on their way already. I called our neighbor, whose the son is the schoolmate of Mj, yet there’s no one who’s answering their phone. Geez I could not relax until she is home, I asked her what took her so long to get home, she said she just finished answering her exams. Anyway, I am just trying to save now and when I have the exact amount, I would definitely buy a new phone.

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