Honor Your Mom

I know they can be irritating sometimes especially when they nagged at you to fix your stuff in your room, or to really force you to study your lessons. I know sometimes they don’t like to hear your music, of course it was too different way way back. Their looks could kill, their looks are telling you that you did something bad, but she just can’t tell you exactly because there are many visitors or her friends just came along. But you know what? Their love and care for you is enormous, that she is willing to give all to you even that means she could not have anything for her own. She rather shop you things than to shop for herself, she might did not say she loves you so much with all her heart, but she does and she is willing to give way just for you to be happy. So honor you MOM, before Mars or Martians would take them! You should watch that movie; it has a lot of things to learn.

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