GT # 11 : Word I Just Learned

I am really in a hurry, I really need to sleep since it is already 12:00 a.m., and I had a lot of things to do yet and I need to wake up early tomorrow, sigh! Anyway, when we went to Cotabato last week, I just learned a new word and that is Pastel, yet it is actually pronounced Pastil, it is actually a rice with viand in it and it is wrapped with banana leaf. That is only 5.00; yes with 5.00 pesos you can actually have a sumptuous meal. Anyway have a nice GT everyone, I’ll be visiting you once I get the chance.

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3 Responses to “GT # 11 : Word I Just Learned”

  1. Gene says:

    What I know of pastel is a bread from Camiguin. Interesting to know that there is another food called pastel. Something new to try!

    Happy GT!

  2. balatsibuyas says:

    wow, very cheap ha.sounds interesting naman yang foodie nayan:) although, iba ang pastel d2 sa luzon.

    have a lot of rest.

  3. Php5.00 for rice and viand? Cheap indeed! I only know chicken pastel. Hehe. Which reminds me, I haven;t eaten that in a while. Hmmm…