Ruby Tuesday # 17: Sports Complex

Just two days ago we went to South Cotabato Sports Complex, our city doesn’t have a sports complex and the team decided for the kids to experience the 50 meters pool at least before the competition this Saturday.

How I wish our city government would put up a sports complex here so the athletes or even the individuals would engage to sports and not just roaming around the mall.

Ruby Tuesday

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4 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 17: Sports Complex”

  1. HOOTIN' ANNI says:

    I know what you mean….a complex would be good for ALL ages.

    Emerald City and Red Poppy Field

    Hope your Tuesday treats you well.

  2. chiewilks says:

    the sports complex there looks big..duol ra diay cotabato diha sa davao sis?

    visiting from RT

  3. Well, at least you got to VISIT a track!


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