GT # 10 : Favorite Word

One thing I had in mind when this theme “word” came up was “Honey” but of course, that’s already too common and you may know it whom I always call honey. Anyway, so we have to erase that but I guess you may wonder what word is this:


Actually if you would utter the word, you may know what it really means, you just have to follow the rhythm. Yeah that’s actually “I Love You” the sweetest word I always love to hear from my youngest daughter. Although she can utter it perfectly now but I always want her to say “Ayabu” I find it so unique and so sweet.

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2 Responses to “GT # 10 : Favorite Word”

  1. zoan says:

    My son came up with that word:D di kasi sya masyadong magaling sa pagsasalita dati πŸ˜€ ahaha

    mine is up here :

  2. we have a slightly different variation: ayabyu. hehe. but no matter. as long it comes from our child/children, never mind how it’s pronounced πŸ˜€