To Beautify My Home

I had so many things I’d like to buy for our house, one of them were study table for the kids, new chairs for our dining table and wall frames. Recently, I’d been thinking about wall arts though and where would the best place to buy the best Wall Art. I am quiet certain it would look good to my wall, since it has been so dull for two years of our staying here. Well, I really did not plan to buy any of this before since my husband has been telling me that he would come up here to get us to his place but neither of them has been realized yet. There were many things that happen along the way, but don’t worry, we are still intact, I guess our foundation for marriage will not be destroy as easy as that. I know we still need to be together, in time, we will. We just have to prolong our patience and wait.

On the other note, I really have to beautify my home then, I need to have some frames or wall arts hanging on the wall, so when there are visitors coming, my rented home would look very impressive, well at least. Murals will be great too, but I don’t have the talents for painting or murals, I might have to hire someone to do it, which it would probably cost a lot. So that’s it, wall arts, frames or any wall designs would be enough for my wall to look lively, don’t you think?

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2 Responses to “To Beautify My Home”

  1. bitaw no, nice jud magpa beauty ug house pero gastos lang..hehe…pero kanang wall art sa rooms lang hehe

  2. unikorna says:

    It would be fun to see a before and after picture πŸ™‚ of your home. Good luck in choosing the best designing options.