I Deleted Them

Finally, my computer is back to normal. Last night was the depressing one, everything just get too slow. So I have the google chrome uninstalled, I guess I have to say goodbye to him, what journey it may have been but my pal have to slip away for a moment because I think he was the one who made my computer so slow. I am so sorry Google chrome and yeah the Safari browser too, I may take the chrome back but not now, I guess it’s not yet the time. So I am here using my Mozilla Firefox, so far, this morning, it is doing great. He is doing a wonderful job for me, my computer did not hang up or freeze and I could work smoothly now. Thank GOD, my husband told me, there may be a conflict somewhere between my chrome and safari, so it was good I deleted it.

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One Response to “I Deleted Them”

  1. Russ says:

    I actually had trouble with Firefox. It wouldn’t hold things in memory. I head bad things about safari. I use G Chrome. I found it to be fast and reliable. Never crashed on me. It is mostly a matter of what works for you. Which ever one you choose, don’t keep bouncing back and forth. It seems to mess things up. Good luck with Firefox. I always liked it.