I am not sure what’s going on with my budget, I seem like struggling with it. It was just recently that my husband wired me some money, and to think he send me like twice this week already yet it seems like it wasn’t enough, and mind you, I have not bought any extra for me, the shoes that I bought for my kids came from my own pocket. And now here’s the news, the dollar is going down, how can we survive now when our stability depending on it. There seems to be a problem here, the dollar is going down and yet the people still striving to work hard but they still don’t have enough on their pockets, the salary was not even enough for grocery shopping alone, some were still unemployed and they said that our economy here went up, how could they say that? Sigh, I rather to have the dollar goes up then so bloggers could earn a lot. Sounds biased? Maybe, I don’t know what about you? Do you think you are okay now?

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