She is willing to keep it

We have a friend whose husband is a foreigner and whenever he comes here, he always have brought with him cigars, I am not sure though what kind of cigar it was or was it the don tomas cigars, all I know was that, in my country, they don’t have those. One day, he was freaked out when he found out he almost finished it, our friend didn’t know what to do, he knows his husband too well, he has this kind of illness due to the accident years ago, he can be too sweet yet he can be also the opposite of it. We don’t know him at all when he showed to us that side of him, my friend did everything to let him calm down, she tried to get hold of somebody in his country good thing a friend of him came to help, he sent us these cigars. Then his husband said sorry the moment he received that, right now our friend is trying her best to work out their marriage, it is not easy she said but she’s willing to keep it. She loves her husband too much and she thinks he loves her as well and I hope whatever it is they are dealing right now, they can both cope it up.

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