Heavy Head

I had an upset stomach last night so I went off the road to buy me some medicines, I thought I was okay with one piece of loperamide but it did not, I have to take two of them so I can sleep and be better. When I woke up this morning, I thought I am perfectly fine but my asthma attacked me again, I have to get my inhaler so I can breath easily now I have a heavy head due for the inhaler side effects, every after I have it inhaled, I feel groggy, my head is heavy and it dozed me off but I need to get up, I need to wake up so I can finish my task here. I need to zzzzz…. oops just kidding I am still wide awake here, two more to go and I’m finished, oh no not yet I have to do my adgitize yet so I can get an equal amount of my advertising.

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