Cash Advance

I am just so happy that the mechanic of my car right now is doing well; it has been two weeks that he has been sick and my car was there for how many days already. Yeah, you are right my car is admitted once again because I was so careless, and I am not ready to elaborate yet.

Anyhow, we supposed to make a canvass of the lamp of my car the other day but my mechanic can’t do it, so I just asked my husband if I could use the money he sent me to buy shoes for the kids. Of course, as usual, he always says yes, you know I just want him to know where I spent the money he sent me.

Yesterday, my sister told me that the mechanic wanted to borrow money from me; I only have 3,000 pesos at that time. He said they don’t have the money anymore for a check up. So I told her why not take it as cash advance, you call him and tell him it will not be like he borrows me money from me but a cash advance for the work he would do to my car.

So he went to his doctor for a check up, his wife was with him, they found out that the cause of the fever was UTI, if they did not go there for a check up, they might going to admit him in the hospital. When they went home that day, they were so thankful that I let them to cash advance.

I hope he will be okay now so we can make a canvass for the materials needed in my car and that he can do all the work that is pending for now. Now I only have 1,000 pesos in my wallet, which supposed to be deposited in my savings account.

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