Crazy Stories

I definitely don’t believe in vampires, but when one of my friends told me that there was a vampire called Maria, roam around the city and she even got a cellphone number of that woman. I got curious about it, as long as I could remember, the whole town heard about her, thus all the people were not staying late outside at all. The story was like, this woman just arrives from somewhere in London and her husband noticed some strange things about her.

One day, the husband just caught the woman killed all her kids, I am not sure if the husband ran away or he chase his wife because when the wife knew he saw her killing the kids, she went out of the house and ran away until she came here in our town.

There had been cellphone numbers of her and the address, my friend even tried the number but all she can hear was a whisper of something I don’t know. And since there is no solid evidence about it, I don’t know what happen to Maria, maybe she went back to London to work again. Crazy stories, I know but do you really believe in it?

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