I just had a good time today, my kids and I went out to buy them shoes, geez I did not expect that a rubber shoes alone cost a lot. Mj’s size of shoes are no long for children’s size, we have to go to teens size of shoes for her to get the rubber shoes she wanted. She thought she could no longer get the style that she want but when she saw this glee brand of shoes, she immediately told me that it would look perfectly good to her. I almost jump out in the bench that was  there when I found out how much was it. And then she told me, if you don’t like it I will find another shoes, but the shoes other than of the glee brand was pretty caught up, like it was there in a century and you know that when you wear it the first time it will not survive for a day. When we check the price of the sketcher that was way ahead of the price of the glee shoes, so since the lady in charge told me that the glee one is durable and the quality is great and I will not be sorry if I would buy that. So I said okay, in short I bought it for her.

Faith, on the other hand, doesn’t know what she want, she just want to try all the shoes that was there. She would always say nice or pretty or wow! She’s only 3 years old anyway, so we choose the shoes for her, and the only shoes that I think it is not easily damage is the Pitter Pat brand, I thought it was only like a hundred but oh no, that almost cost me a thousand. Whenever I buy things for the kids, it always keep me wonder, where are the things that doesn’t cost much, when I was their age, all things around are just affordable and cheap but durable and long-serving, now it seems like if your money will not be enough for something like this, you can just get the things that would last only for two days.

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