Ruby Tuesday # 15: Zipline Staffs

These are the staff of the zipline; it was during lunch time when we arrived there. Their shirt is kind a red so I took a picture of them eating. One of the staff asked me if I was okay right after I’ve done the second base of the zipline, he asked me that because I look so pale and was shaking. After a while, my adrenalin was back to normal, maybe I was just too scared at that time.

Ruby Tuesday

5 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 15: Zipline Staffs”

  1. Maria @ LSS says:

    Great capture.

    Happy RT!

    Mine’s here.

  2. Romina says:

    They look very hungry,did you join lunch as well?

  3. mg says:

    i love ziplines

  4. iTravel says:

    Nyahahaha…ang paparrazi gadali dali siguro ni ug pamicture while the subjects were eating hahaha. makatawa man ko nimo sa imo comment Anne nga kuyaw ang zipline…talawan diay ka ug height…hehe

    oi e-email na ba imo blogs kay aron di na ko masaag ug pinangita hahaha.

  5. Dhemz says:

    oh,my! would love to that kind of adventure someday…ehehhe…unsay ila sud-an…lol!