Truly an Inspiration

My daughter keep on telling me that one of the movies I bought yesterday was amazing, it is entitled “Soul Surfer” and since she really like movies like surfing, swimming, or just about competition, she can’t help but to watch the movie ahead of me. Right after she was done with the movie, she is telling me non stop about it, she said, that girl is amazing even though she got only one arm because of that shark attack, she never lose hope and she was still so determined with her passion for surfing, even how hard can she get, she had overcame all odds

Of course, she got disappointed but she was inspired with the support of the people around her, her father never gives up on her and her Mom always supports her. So she tried it again, she joined the Regional competition and even she’s just on the 6th place, she was still so happy with her performance, she just done a very great job. She portrayed not the less hope but the best in life, that even seems all so unfair, life should move on, no matter what.

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One Response to “Truly an Inspiration”

  1. kimmy says:

    that was touching…