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Definitely Driving Today

Yes, my sister Merlyn just called me that our mechanic will be coming over to accompany me for driving. He was not able to do so two days ago because he has been sick, yesterday he said he need to rest more, so that was cancelled again. This morning, definitely I will be practicing again, wish me luck!

For Our Health Safety

I had been trying so hard to find a diet pills that are effective but doesn’t have side effects, you know I wanted to be fit before my husband would come here for a visit. My friend recommended me one, and it is a sensa weight loss, do any of you heard of it? Do you like to give me some advice for it? I mean my friend said it is indeed effective but of course, we also need to think of our health safety. I am always mentioned this to all of you, before taking any diet pills, we should seek an expert for a good recommendation or to be more safe, we should consult to our dietician before taking some.

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