Clothes For Surfing

My kids love the water. As you know, my eldest daughter is a very good and competitive swimmer. My little one will run for the water and if we do not watch her, she will just stay in her bath and play and play. They are both water bugs. One activity that they might be interested in as the get older is surfing. It is an intriguing sport. Dressing properly for surfing and having the right surf clothing, may not improve your surfing skills, but it will help you look good on the surfboard and may provide you with some protection. If you are a surfer, I bet you are having a lot of fun riding the waves. Can you recommend the best start time for my girls to start to learn it?

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One Response to “Clothes For Surfing”

  1. mg says:

    i dont have any idea, hehehe. but thanks to you because of your post an idea pop out of my head. ill try surfing yahoooooooo..