Ruby Tuesday # 14: UNLIRICE

When my husband saw this picture, he thought that the name of the rice is unlirice, but it is not, unlirice is a short term for unlimited rice, meaning they have free rice for your one order. So no matter how many cups of rice you would finish, it is alright since it is free so that’s unlirice stands for.

Ruby Tuesday

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3 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday # 14: UNLIRICE”

  1. Well, if it’s unlimited, then I would certainly take advantage of it!


    Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
    Not yellow or purple or green;
    But burgundy, chestnut, carmine or rose—
    These are the colors with sheen!

    Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
    Not saffron or opal or blue;
    But fuchsia, magenta, ruby or blush—
    Something of sanguinous hue!

    Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
    Not indigo, azure or grey;
    But scarlet, vermilion, dahlia or pink—
    Colors like these make my day!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Narrow Red Alley

  2. chubskulit says:

    Haha dapat kasi may dash sa unli para alang confusion hehehe

  3. eden says:

    hahaha.. no limit diay ang pasabot ana..nice ug naa unta parehas ana diri. hehehe.. nice post, anne