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Friendly… that is always my friends’ remark about me, even when I was in high school, my teacher would mark my report card being too friendly with everyone. The first social site I enjoyed was Friendster but I was not that active then, when I met my husband I tried to sign up with multiply, right there I gained more friends. I was always logged on almost everyday after work.

Recently, somebody told me about facebook and twitter, I am active on those two websites and have added friends from there but of course you really have to hide your personal info when you decided to sign up from those social networking sites.

Facebook and twitter is not only a trend for low profiles people, celebrities and even politicians are signing up to these social networking sites, do you know that you can add now josh radnor twitter in your account? Oh yes, you really can add him but you really have to wait patiently if he would add you too, anyway you can follow him though his account.

Please if you are adding some people in any social networking sites, you must hide your personal info, or do not tell your information when you chat with them. That is best for you to be safe.

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