Browser For Kids

Since that incident with Mj, I am really on guard when the kids would open a browser. My eldest daughter will just open her facebook account and play her favorite games, so I am ok with her. But with my youngest daughter, she is more explore to youtube, I know that she would only open her favorite nursery rhymes, or Dora or cartoon videos but you know you tube, sometimes there are some list that is not supposed to be there.

Thus, when I learned about a browser for kids, I immediately ask my husband about it if that was not a hoaxed and as he is the expert for software he said that was alright if I would download it.

Now, Faith is enjoying every bit of it, I have no fears now if she will open some videos that are not appropriate for her, because this browser only allows kids’ videos, you might want to try it, here’s the link.

One Response to “Browser For Kids”

  1. kimmy says:

    wow! that is so nice.. i’ll check it out one of these days..

    care to check THIS out?