Getting My License

I have started it yesterday, I arrived there past 12:00 n.n., since I have to finish my task online, thanks to my husband who is always on the rescue. I paid the person, whom I contacted to process my license so I have nothing else to think of when I am there, I will only have to undergo drug test and medical test then I will just follow some steps to get my license.

The drug test and medical test were easy; in fact it was the fastest in processing a license, especially when someone has to tell you where to go and what to do. The slowest part was the picture taking and the payment, because you have to wait for hours, so the person who helped told me to just go back for the written exam the next day.

I attended the seminar, the seminar just went for a couple of hours, then they handed me the paper and the answer sheet, it was amazing all of us  well almost got the perfect score, I guess we were all so smart. LOL.

Anyway, since I have to get the result later in the afternoon yet, I went to the mall to watch a movie. And obviously I was late, good thing that the person who helped me got it and instructed me to approached the person wearing a color green shirt to hand him the result. The in-charge told me to wait for my name to be called, since I have to fetch my daughter at school, the person who helped me waited for it, we will just meet tomorrow for my license to be done.

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