It is Sunday, It’s Ice Cream Day!


I was browsing in FB and I realized it would be fun if I would edit some pictures to a more adventurous, more stylish, and more dramatic. Thus, I started it today, you may noticed this picture in my account, oh well it was Sunday morning that we craved for ice cream, especially Faith. We were considering of going to a nearby ice cream parlor but we have to ride a tricycle to get there, in which we can’t do it because we did not take a shower yet. It is hard for us to go out in the house without refreshing ourselves in a tap water. Good thing, the ice cream vendor just passed by and obviously we went out running to buy us some yummy sweet cold ice cream!

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One Response to “It is Sunday, It’s Ice Cream Day!”

  1. genny says:

    kalami ba ani ann…sunday anha ko sa inyo.wahhhh