It was such an experience when we were lost in Manila. It was so hot and we had kids with us, we didn’t know where to go, good thing though that our coach was so patient to ask for direction.

We took a taxi cab going home from Megamall we told the driver to send us to Pasig, Santolan but you know where did he send us? He took us to Pasay, Evangelista, we told him to drop us to McDonalds, near Chowking, although there is a Chowking restaurant there but that was not the one that is supposed to be situated, it is in different area though it is just near at McDonald. Moreover, we just asked him to stop; we paid him and asked the people around where were we. We were indeed at the wrong place.

Our coach asked everyone for direction, we choose not to hail a taxi cab though; we were already traumatized with the cab that sent us there. So we took a bus, and walk one block, then we took 3 jeepneys all in all, finally the area was already familiar to us, it was then we hailed a tricycle going to Dorotheo Extension, it was so tiring, all of us and the kids were so exhausted with that 4 hours travel. It was such an experience we could not forget, when I remember it now, it is somehow brought a smile in my face.

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