Shopping For School Supplies

I never thought that there are some people still buy for school supplies today, mostly the classes have already been started so I expect lesser shoppers at the school department, but to my surprise the people just come and go at the school supplies department. I wanted to take aback but I don’t have any choice, the kids class will start on Monday for Faith and on Tuesday for Mj so I should start buying them some school materials. I was so happy to get a discount of Faith’s stroller bag, but I had a problem of finding shoes for Mj that fits for her, the size of her feet are getting so long, I guess her size is even bigger than mine. After like half an hour of trying to figure out what shoes she wanted to have, we decided to get the pitter pat brand, it was a bit expensive but lesser expensive than of Gibi.

While shopping, I suddenly realized that I already have two students, my GOD I just could not believe that I am shopping for school supplies for my two kids, it seems like it was only yesterday that I rush shopping for school materials only for my eldest daughter now they are already two and so persistent of what they want and like.

Right after shopping, we went to the food court to dine. I preferred food courts than of some fast food chain, because we are able to choose variety of foods, unlike the latter, the kids would always settle down for fried chicken. My GOD we already had that at home, it is time to divulge for another kind of food. LOL

One Response to “Shopping For School Supplies”

  1. genny says:

    oie, sige diay mo fried chicken ann? kami wala, padala na diri ann.wahhhh