We never thought that we could spend even more when we went to Manila, nevertheless, we thought me and Mj could only spend 10,000 pesos for 7 days but to our surprise that was not even enough. We never bought anything yet, we only paid the PASA contributions, the coach fee and the athlete fee, that was only it but on our second day I am already asking a rescue from my husband. On the 6th day I have to ask again so at least I could buy a new bag for my daughter, the school items should we buy when we are home. I also bought a new blouse and a new skirt for my little Faith, I like the print out of the shirt though because it says, “I am pretty like Mom” which is very true so I bought it, lol. Don’t you dare disagree, please??? Hehehe.

The travel went well especially the competition, there is some trouble happened but they are not our concerned anymore, I just hope that they will wake up from their sleep, that the person they choose to trust should not worth their time and effort.

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