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GT # 4: Favorite Summer Activity

Last year of summer, despite of our busy schedule yet we were still able to find some time to set our summer getaway unlike this summer. Mj got even busier and Faith has her summer class plus we have to spend wisely this time due for some expenses we would incur and we had already incurred this summer. So the getaway must be set aside yet. Here were some of the pictures of our getaway with different dates. And yeah our summer activity is going to the beach or dipping in the pool.

This is my little teapot enjoying her food with my sister

Me and my kids plunging in the water

This is my niece Moreen

And my cousin Dodong

And after like a month, a friend and a blogger, Genny invited me of their family summer escapade. I tagged along my kids and my niece Mariel.

While waiting for my friend to arrive,
my niece Mariel enjoyed this spot here at their children’s park inside the resort

And so was Faith

My eldest daughter was trying so hard to get the inflatable jacket loaded.

With Genny of My Piece of Mind


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