The Book and The Upcoming Trip

Oh well my husband was not able to book shop yesterday because her co-workers just called him and they asked for his help. So he went to his office to give them what they want then he headed home after since there’s storm coming up. Oh sometimes, being so kind of him, makes me upset. But I can’t do anything with that, I am just thankful that he is indeed a good person willing to give a hand to those who need his help.

On the other hand, on Monday we will be going to Marbel for the kids to try the 50 meters pool for the upcoming event. I hope we can make it this time since the previous plan was not push through due to lack of information. So next week, I may not be online for two days. I just hope I will not be very busy to write a scheduled post on Sunday. Wish me luck and by the way, wish us a nice safe trip.

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