Student Permit, Done

I went to LTO this afternoon for appearance and for the picture to be attached in my SP. When I arrived the one who entertained me told me that I should not wore a sleeveless because it is not allowed, oh well, I forgot that when you have a picture taking in government offices you should not be wearing sleeveless but a shirt with collar. That’s what happens to me when I went to NBI to claim my certificate. It was not really my fault anyway, because they notify me too late already, I was already out in the pool when the driving company messaged me. Nevertheless, I have to go to the mall to buy myself a shirt with collar. After I shop for a shirt, I wore that immediately and went back to LTO. The picture taking was not lasted even seconds, it was so quick, I don’t have to stay long also to claim it since the in-charge of the driving company would be the one to take that, she would give it to me during my driving lessons on Thursday.

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2 Responses to “Student Permit, Done”

  1. genny says:

    bongga jud ka ann oie. sa sm ka nipalit ann? pasakya unya ko pohon sa imong car ha?heheh

  2. mg says:

    hahaha, oo nga mam bawal talga yung naka sleeveless, may ganyan din akong eksena. tsinelas nmn ang problema. hnd ako pinapasok. hahha. wala lang nashare ko lang po