I am just not in the mood tonight; maybe I am just too tired. My little teapot is being so naughty again good thing she was not that naughty at church this afternoon, although I have to asked her so many times to behave. We arrived at the church late but we were able to catch up the homily of the priest, we even laughed when the priest kiddingly reprimanded us that the respond of “the body of Christ” it should be ‘amen” not “hehehe” as there’s one replied that. Maybe that person was not able to hear mass for so long already and he/she forgot the respond of that word so instead of amen, he/she said “hehehe“.

The priest included our obligations and responsibility as a Catholic then, that hearing mass or to attend for it should not be only during our birthday, Christmas or Mother’s day, it should be four times a week, anyway they are not asking our whole day yet one hour to spend our time with HIM, to pray and to be thankful that even though life is getting so hard each day, we are still here alive and still smiling because HE is always there for us.

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