GT # 1: One Gadget To Die For

Oh well, I just lose my cellphone last week, so that is the most gadget I am willing to die for but not the exact phone or its features because that would reminds me of my E71 phone. Sigh how I missed it, in fact I was dreaming of that phone, and in my dream it was just there in my bag. I was even hoping that the person who called me this afternoon was the one who found my phone because the caller said something like missing or something, it was actually not clear, because she was cutting out. She hung on me so I called her back but she said she thought she called the person who found her missing dad. She got the wrong number and she said sorry, grrrr!

Anyway, I have to move my entry for Girl’s talk entry from my Little World of Fun to here, to give way for the new Meme in town, since that blog suits for kids and its doodles. Β I hope that is fine with Girl’s Talk. So I guess I have to say this is my first entry for:


7 Responses to “GT # 1: One Gadget To Die For”

  1. Hazelicious says:

    Hello Anne! New blog mo ba ito? I will add this sa blogroll nako ha. Anyway, sorry to hear that you lost your phone and I can’t blame you if you want something better pero ayaw na ipanakaw intawon balik kay sayang baya ang kwarta hahaha. Mine is up My GT Entry.

  2. imriz says:

    sorry for ur phone, anne.

  3. Dyes says:

    sorry you lost your phone! ganda pa naman sana. hope you recover it soon.

    Come and see my dream gadget. Never hesitate to drop by my STREET.

    Happy GT!

  4. genny says:

    kay nawala man, meaning magpakambyo na sya. palit lang new one ann.:-)

  5. kim says:

    oh.. that was so sad.. hope you get another one just like it, girl!

    mine’s HERE by the way..

  6. sorry to hear about your lost phone. You’ll get your dream fone soon, I’m sure πŸ™‚

    here’s my entry:

  7. hey, wherever you post this meme is fine. i’ll follow you around. just make sure to leave your links. hee hee.

    anyways, sad that you lost your phone πŸ™

    i hope that you have gotten a new one by now πŸ™‚