Our Club Has A Name Now

While the kids were swimming, we also had a meeting yesterday. We were talking about the 50 meters that the kids would try before the big event. This is also for the two swimmers who are qualified to join the competition for the Palarong Pambansa next month. So instead of going to Zamboanga supposedly to witness the Palaro, we agreed to just go to Marbel. We also talked about the name of the club, and we decided for one. I won’t state here the name of our club as this time since we have to attend yet that event that we are all waited for. And would you believe that I am one of the officers, geez I can’t imagine myself with that responsibility well it is better than of Vice President, I was actually elected of that position and was agreed upon but I objected and declined the position, I would rather be a treasurer than of VP.

On the other hand, the vision and mission statement of the club is fair and was approved by the coach, the officers, the parents and the member. I just hope that this club that we are putting up now, will succeed. And if that would happen, I am one of the founders of the club that I will always be proud of.

2 Responses to “Our Club Has A Name Now”

  1. lou says:

    Good luck on your new club.. hehehe…

  2. Mona says:

    Wow,, a new club, goodluck.