Blog Title Header Invisible?

I thought it is not possible to put the title in a self hosted wordpress blog when you already have the title attached to the header. It was Mabelle who told me that it can actually edited in the dashboard.

When Mabelle noticed that my blog doesn’t have a title, she asked me immediately why I deleted my blog title in the General Settings; I told her that if I would put the title in the General Settings, it would double the title blog in my header. One from the General settings and one from the title attached to the header.  She tried to edit my other blog and I was surprised because she made it. It has a title in my browser yet it is invisible in my header, the title that appears in my header is the one that attached to it.

After she’s done, I also tried to tweak this blog since it has the same case as the other one. Here’s what I did:

First, I tried to search the header or it is more likely stated as h1 that’s the header and the h2 that’s the subtitle in the editor. The editor will be found in dashboard under the appearance. Make sure that when you do the tweaking, you should take note the numbers, that was there before you edit it. Like for example header and then there’s 32 px, you note the 32 so that when you are done and tried it to view, if it is not the right one then you can just easily put back the number. On that note, just change the number of the px to zero or 0 in the header, or h1, you can also do the same to the sub title or the description of your blog title.

2 Responses to “Blog Title Header Invisible?”

  1. Ryheanne says:

    Wow daming blog Ate Anne, congratulations. Thanks also for adding my blogs, I will add these one too. 🙂

  2. mommy jes says:

    wow! sana matutunan ko dn yan ehhehe nahihirapan ako sa WP pero nakaka pag adjust n dn ….:P