Death March and AFP

When Death March happens in the Philippines where all our armies were captured by Japanese during World War II, many have died since they were not allowed to drink water or to eat. If you will stop from walking, they would aim you their bayonet and shoot you dead. The march started from Bataan to Tarlac since there are no trucks or any vehicle for those prisoners to be transferred to Tarlac, they command them to walk. It was said that the marching took 2 days to reach their destination and only 54,000 was able to make it and survived out of 72,000 prisoners.

My uncle who is the brother of my father is a veteran and when I saw their sacrifices and sufferings, a thought succumbed me that somehow we are so lucky that we had very brave soldiers who would fight for us until they are dead. But I guess the sufferings of our military did not end there when finally the Japanese surrendered to the Americans and let the Filipino live of their own because until now our military still suffers. How? By taking their funds that even their combat shoes was corrupted by some government officials. Now with this court proceedings regarding these issues should be taken cared of and that I hope our soldiers will be given enough of what is supposed for them. I mean how could they fight when they don’t have enough of their hands and for their family, how could they protect this country if we don’t support them thoroughly?  And how could they survived when you took all those equipments and their gadgets from them and sell it to prominent people. I hope this will stop.

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