I am so tired

I am so tired from tweaking my blog so hard, I tried to change the lay out of my Points of View and Thoughts and Anne’s Sweet Life sites, and as always that really find me so hard to find the code for the header thanks to Genny because she told me where I could edit the code, thus I successfully replace the header.

I had a long day today, I spent whole day just to make at least this blog looks pleasing to the eyes and presentable. My daughter was so cooperating, she was the one who made our breakfast and she ordered some foods for our dinner tonight too. When she was not busy, she played some games together with her youngest sister. When I was done, I reminded her of her worksheets in Kumon, in which she obliged to do, I set up the table for dinner and feed F after. We watched a movie entitled UP for a little while. Even though we watched this movie for so many times now, we still can’t avoid to laugh and to be thrilled with the story.

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