45 Secs

What I like for Jm’s new coach is we always knew the time of our kids when they swim. So that’s a plus factor because when he monitors we learned.

Jm’s performance was quiet a bit slow because of her stroke that needs to be corrected, sometimes when she does freestyle, her head goes really down, she looks like she was trying to peek in beneath her, then she slowly turning her head to breathe. Her coach told her to try to just level her head in the water, she should not tone her head down and she would do snap when she’s catching her breath because if she will take a slow motion, she is dragging so much of her time. This morning, she tried to correct it, she can get it sometimes. But this afternoon she did it again. So her time for freestyle goes like 1 min up.

In the last lapse, he told her to try to beat her time. I am not sure what happen but when I inserted immediately and exclaim “beat your time” she goes rapidly straight. Our eyes get so wide, we were amazed how she was so fast with the last drill. The mother beside me laughs so hard, she said “she just waited to hear your voice” when the kids finished the drill, she got 45 secs for the 50 meters freestyle.


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