We can go there

Yesterday, I bought my kids new fins for Jm and some materials for swimming for my little tea pot. They were so happy about it although it was a bit expensive especially the fins but at least I was able to get a card from them so when they have discounts I will be the one of those who could grant the freebies.

When we arrived home last night, my friend from the previous swimming pool messaged me if I could be online or called her over the phone perhaps, because she had something she will tell me. When we talked, she informed me that my eldest daughter can still compete in Manila because a coach from MILO here in Mindanao will be the one to take good care of us, so that’s another blessings, our plane ticket will not be wasted. We just have to transfer swimming pool so she can still join with her previous teammates, yeah some of them quit from the previous club since the coach seems to have an anomaly for asking more fees from us.

I asked permission from my eldest daughter’s teacher, the one who coach her now if we could transfer and finish this training for summer. I am thankful that she understands me and our situation, although F still one of her students for her Learn to Swim Program, to Ms. Jeanly, thank you so much and I hope we can still go back after summer.

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One Response to “We can go there”

  1. eden says:

    that is really a good opportunity for JM and Good luck.