The Earth Beauty Pageant

Last month, we were invited to watch the Ms. Philippines-Earth; we enjoyed it so much mostly in the talent portion. Elaine, one of the candidates and the friend of our Dance Instructor did a good job with her Belly Dancing. It was I bet her talent was so hard specially with the shaking but she did it perfectly. The stage gets more excited when they picked who were the best and guess what Elaine was one of them. But the awarding will be on the next Saturday yet; too bad we were not able to go there, since we already got too busy on that week.

2 Responses to “The Earth Beauty Pageant”

  1. genny says:

    nakakita ka ani mr earth for real ann? may pa ka.hehehe agi ko diri testing ug comment kay i am sure sunod moana ka testing ug comment girl.wahhhhhh

  2. mabelle says:

    hello anne, ka nice na gud ani imong site πŸ™‚