Goodbye My Sketchers Flip Flops

Geez after it was almost lost when we went to Tagum to compete; I think my Sketchers Flip Flop is now giving up. I can see the Thong is loosened and anytime soon it will detach. Good thing I bought a pair of sandal last May and that is what I am using now but it is not comfortable at all when I need to go to school or to the swimming pool, I need a flip flops to wear. I guess after I would pay all my bills this month then I will buy another pair of flip flops. I already seen one pair in the mall and it costs P2, 300.00; I have to save for it. I hope before the end of this month I can buy that pair. Why that? While I can see any other pair which is not that costly, oh well that brand is famous with its quality and durability I guess I can use it for years before it would give up.

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Mall Wide Sale During Shopping Of School Bag

My youngest daughter is already in grade 1, she is still in the same school but she have another style of uniform so from jumper style she is now wearing skirt and blouse with necktie. I can’t believe how time flies so fast, and I am not ready for any changes even to my eldest daughter I still treat them like my babies even my youngest would protest that she is not a baby anymore but for me she is always my baby.

The bag costs only less than a thousand, the mall just had a mall wide sale when I shop for her school requirement when I found this bag. I was so happy that I was able to buy her a durable bag yet affordable one.

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Shave Right

It is very hard to pluck in our armpit; there are times that one pluck would lead to one tear. However with shaving, there are several times that you will even suffer from cuts so what should we do with our underarm without being hurt and get cuts? Don’t answer me with going to the saloon and have it wax because it may not just expensive but like plucking it hurts so much when they have to lift up the pad from your skin. It is better alternative though but don’t you know that there are  ways to get rid of your hair in your armpit, it is even much better.

First thing first is you have to buff away the dead skin cells; there are many ointment or cream to use to exfoliate you dead skin cells in your armpit. Know your skin to avoid rashes in using the products. Clean the area so to remove the traces of the deodorant and cream that you used. You have to exfoliate to avoid ingrown hair after shaving.

Do not just use soap but shaving cream or gel. Shaving cream or gel is useful when you have to run your blade to your skin too much, this can cause irritation if you are only using soap. Use sharp blade too in order to avoid ingrown hair. Being thrifty is good but not with your blades, change the blades of your razor at least four or five uses.

Avoid shaving at daytime, because if you do after shaving, the skin will be very sensitive and it is prone for environmental uninvited aggressors, humidity or weather for an instance since your skin was left raw during daytime after shaving it can lead to irritations and infections. Whereas if you shave at night time, after shaving you are not exposing from the harmful things outside, you can just sleep in your bed and rest.

After shaving, do not forget to moisturize to restore the lost moisture when you were exfoliating and shaving. Remember when you shave you were removing the moisture in your skin so to recharge it, spread some moisturizers in the area that you shave especially to the bottom wherein your hair grows right away and more.

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Almost Lost

Yesterday right after our car was fixed; I put all our luggage then in the car to go to Tagum right away. We started travelling at quarter of 5, and we arrived in Tagum past 7 in the evening already.  I was ready to go out then when I noticed that the other pair of my flip flops is lost. I tried to look for it under the carpet but there is nothing there so I just wear the one that I am using in the car.  I messaged my niece if she saw the other pair of my flip flop near the gate but she told me she did not see any flip flop outside or inside the gate. I was worried because the flip flops; the one who bought it is my husband when he was here the last time. It was my special request to him if he could me buy a Sketcher Flip Flops, the price was not that cheap when we bought it so I was really disappointed to myself when I found out it was lost.

But when we arrived home today, I saw the other pair in the bedroom. I asked Mariel about it and she was smiling, she just fooled me! Anyway I am just so happy that my other pair is here at home and not in the street.

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