New Swim Suits

When I first received my salary without any further ado, I bought my eldest daughter a new swim suit. Although it means that I will get out of budget but I didn’t mind it already since she does not have any swim suit anymore. The swim suits that she had was already torn. I felt pity for her last competition because she have to wear the swim suit that has hole. The reason that I worked now is because to give her and Faith everything, not everything but at least something that they needed, something that its necessary.

Here’s the swim suit that I bought for my eldest daughter:

 photo IMG_0586_zps3kj2fzp4.jpg

I didn’t expect that the jumpsuit that we order online with our team mate will arrived the soonest. Now I caught in between but it’s okay, this mean that more swim suit for her since most of the swim suit that she had is already torn apart and worn off.

 photo IMG_0585_zpsxmpnml5o.jpg

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On Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is fast approaching and me and my friend from work have a plan to have a hair make over. I want to have a hair rebond, and this time I don’t like to hire someone to do it at home because this time I want to do it in the saloon. Soon!

On the other hand, do you want to achieve a full bangs look, oh well you just need a paddle brush, and a hair dryer with a fitted nozzle. What you need to do is take your paddle brush and comb your bangs downwards. Then position your hair dryer on the top of your bangs. Make sure to set your hair blower low so it won’t be too hot on you when you point your hair dryer to your forehead. Pull your bangs to the right side when you use the hair blower. Wait until the bangs will dry so you could enjoy the look. This is nice when you have your pony tail on your hair.

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Get Good Prices and Discounts

I have learned my lesson. While my husband was away I thought it would be a good idea to buy a pair of shoes for him online. Well, the lesson I learned was, that he should be here when I place the order so that I can make sure I am getting the right size. The shoes I ordered were a size and a half to small. Well, now that I think of it, I should have checked his old shoes before makine my online purchase.

The real lesson I learned was to make sure that when i order clothing for my family online, I first have to check and see if it fits or it is something the girls will grow into. I enjoy shopping online, I find I can get good prices and discounts and the selections are much greater than I can find by going to the store.

I can show my husband and daughters what I want to buy and by having them participate in the process, make sure the size is right and that what I am purchasing for them, is something they will like. I also want to make sure that when I do buy things online that the transaction is secure and any information I provide the site I am buying from will protect it.

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New Shocking Pink Color Swimsuit

Just this month, about two weeks ago I have so many things I want to buy for myself with my first ever salary but I was caught up in between because I realized I need to buy a new swim suit for my eldest daughter. And buying a Speedo swim suit for me, it cost me a lot and if I would buy that, I will have to sacrifice everything in my list. 

Moreover, all Mj’s swimsuit is already ripped so we really need to buy another for her, it was Friday that I had my first salary and the moment I got it we went to Speedo right away and bought her swim suit. There were only 2 styles that are available. Mj picked the shocking pink color. I will be taking a picture later.

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