Fashion Trend This 2015

What’s trending in 2015 just got this in and here are they listed:

Everyone should opt to sporty touches but you don’t have to go to the gym to wear this outfit, there are clothes that the style has a sporty touch. Shoulder baring silhouettes can do too, tiered skirts, and gingham prints.  Gingham prints are most likely of that table cloth but surely the checkered look print is so cool to look at. This could bring back the 70’s look yet primed for a street style. Lace up styles is one of the most catchy this season. This is inspired to athletic influences, a sporty touch. The racing striped and wrist bands keep this lace up styles look fresh.

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From Houston Texas

I just got a message from my friend in Texas if I was able to get the gift from her. She sent it through her sister who’s the son is the team mate of my daughter. Since I got too busy last December, I didn’t mind to get it from her sister until her sister message me recently and agreed to see each other in the club house. I was surprise to get this shirt I asked from her few months ago. I thought she would bring it with her when she will be here. Yes she promised to get the same shirt that she wore when she watched football in Texas. Thank you gurl for this gift I just love it and I love the color, it is my favorite ever.

 photo 10370969_10205215110873451_1547656589660252688_n_zpsf7d610bd.jpg

And this is my friend from last year when she watched football with her husband.

 photo 1013480_10201427249315933_498197326_n_zpsd99a0872.jpg

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New Blouses From The Package

After Christmas my sister’s package arrived, it was loaded with clothes. The moment we opened the package, Mariel, Mj and I picked up the clothes that we love. Actually, I just picked to those clothes that they didn’t like and fit myself with it. The important is I have something new to wear. I got lots of clothes and since I only have limited time, I was just able to take a picture of these four blouses.

 photo 041d797d-fccd-47a5-b4e5-fb328a8fde22_zps782dcadc.jpg

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Pre-Loved Items For Sale

My niece had many clothes that she did not wear at all and it is just making her closet so tight. I don’t even know where to put all those clothes or how could we fit it all inside the closet. So I suggested that she might want to sell some old ones for a cheaper price. I am sure there are some ladies who are willing to buy pre-loves items. She was mentioning to post it in Instagram so she could get some customers. She even went to her friend for pictorial of her clothes. Her friend also poses for modeling her clothes, but they did not show their faces for privacy purposes.

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