New Shoe Rack

Last week, when I was blog hopping I saw a very interesting closet in Lazada, I scanned it but when I went to the page, I got interested with the tall shoe rack. When I checked the prize it is so affordable since it is on sale. It supposed to deliver yesterday but I did not leave any money at home and when they called me I was still at work. I just told them to deliver it tomorrow, good thing they agree with me. So last night before going to work, I told Mj to inform my niece about the money I left on the table.

And today when I got home from work, my sister informed me that the shoe rack I bought online already arrived. We installed it right away; my youngest daughter is my helper connecting the steel to the base. It was so fun because Faith keeps on telling we are a team installing the shoe rack so we can use it right away.

Now the shoe rack is already situated in our storage room. I already put some shoes there. It is nice to feel that you have put something valuable in your home sweet home.


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Pink Saturday 1: Hello Kitty Pink Blouse

One Sunday while waiting for my friends in the mall, one of our friends just came from Texas and she wanted us to have a meet up at least before they headed back home. We agreed to meet up at 3 in the afternoon but I got out from work at 11:30 in the morning and I can’t go home because if I will have to go home, I’ll get very tired driving back to downtown where we will meet at the mall. So while waiting for them, I shopped, bought myself a new pair of jeans and a blouse for my youngest daughter.

Here’s what I bought for her:

 photo a3b58e9b-7b17-4edf-a9f7-6d700454ebd8.jpg

When I showed it to my youngest daughter, she told me she doesn’t like it. I was sad for a moment but she said later that she was just teasing me so she wore it the next day when she attended her Kumon session.

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The Striking Berber Rug – The Jewel of Morocco

Moroccan Berber rugs date back all the way to 622 A.D during the Paleolithic era, and today the Berber tribe of Northwestern Africa, the weavers of these historic rugs, are known for their craftsmanship. Woven from wool sheared from the sheep atop the Atlas Mountains, Berber rugs were primarily used for more practical reasons depending on climate such as heavy and thick-woven sleeping mats and bed spreads for the snow covered landscape and flat thin-woven shawls for the unforgiving Sahara Desert.

Typically, no Berber rugs were woven over seven feet since they needed to be easy to carry and they were woven a specific way distinct from other weaving patterns, thus making the rugs even more original. Notable for their natural ivory tones and naturally dyed darker colored wool, Moroccan Berber rugs take up to a year to finish, which speaks more than enough for the delicate handiwork. Because it is not considered simply a hobby, the weavers of these rugs treat them as family heirlooms and see the ability to weave rugs as a rite of passage.

The many bold and geometric patterns presented on these rugs are actually part of an expressive and symbolic language that has been passed down from generation to generation, ranging from meanings of femininity, spirituality, and male protection. Traces of these symbols were found in cave paintings back in the Paleolithic era, indicating that in the absence of written language, these motifs were an important element for communication and understanding. Each rug is a tale of the weaver’s life all the way from childhood, and the purpose behind their craft is to protect the human spirit from any negative energy that affects one’s life and to defend the body from natural elements. Although most Berber rugs are monochromatic and contemporary, some come woven with a hint of color with red meaning strength and protection, blue meaning wisdom, yellow for eternity, and green for peace.

It wasn’t until the 1930s when these rugs were showcased in the west by mid-century modernists, and since then, Moroccan Berber rugs have grown progressively popular. Durability, traditional beauty, and practicality were just some of the reasons why the rugs have gotten and remain to be an attractive addition in the modern home. They’re perfect for those who favor the contemporary and simple fashion, and they’re easily able to integrate with most types of furniture. Whether it’s a high-end luxury home or a modest and cozy abode, Berber rugs can be the ideal accent to either. Having one of these rugs can make one appreciate the artistry and feel awed by the presence of hundreds of years of culture encapsulated into woven strands meant to protect and give off good energy.

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Kadayawan Festival Big Discounts In The Mall

Finally, I was able to buy a new pair of jeans, we are almost celebrating Kadayawan festival so there’s a lot of promotions everywhere, it is either buy one take one or at least 20 percent discounts. And I grabbed the chance. When I roamed around I realized I need to buy Faith a new blouse as well. So after I bought a new pair of jeans, I also went to buy the Hello Kitty blouse. I thought she would like it but when I got home, she said she didn’t.

On the other hand, I was also waiting for my friends to arrive so I went shopping while waiting for them. The two hours of roaming around is just enough for me to at least buy something I like before they arrive. I went to the mall right away from work, so obviously I don’t have sleep yet. Good thing the walking in the mall helps me not to doze off.

When we gathered, I became more energetic especially when we went to the restaurant to eat. Our friend from Texas was the one who treat us our meal; I was so full right after. Of course I will not do it here in detail because I will tell you all that in Sahm’s Dining Diary.


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