My Daughter With Her Costume

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My beautiful Faith strike a pose during their Field Demo. I was not with her this time since I was at Pagadian attending my eldest daughter for her Batang Pinoy competition. I am just glad that despite of having no mama beside her during this event, she is still so look stunning with her costume and definitely happy with her performance. I love you so much, Faith!

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I Miss Having Footspa!

The other day was so hot, my head is aching and I want to find a place to take a nap at least after I sent Faith to school. Then, I remember that I needed to attend my toe nails, it was just so right because yeah I was so sleepy. You know, whenever I feel very sleepy, it would be nice as well while you are sleeping someone is taking good care of your nails. It gives you comfort when someone is doing your nails, so I went to my favorite saloon just in front of the mall. While waiting for the lady to finish the other customer, I told them that I might want to do a foot spa as it has been a while that I haven’t done it. For Foot spa it costs P250, 00 but it already includes pedicure and manicure. I sat there in the saloon, waiting and I fell asleep. I think slept already like an hour and still the lady in charge was not finish with the other customer. Gosh, I needed to fetch my youngest daughter yet. I guess that was around 4 in the afternoon that she started doing scrubbing on my feet. It was a nice feeling but I am already in a hurry, I wanted her to finish it right away. I cannot do the manicure at all. So I ask them if I could do the manicure the next day, since I need to fetch my daughter. Good thing, she is still the one on duty the next day and she agreed with me. The moment, she finish the pedicure, I walked out right away. I was not able to enjoy my foot spa but I miss having it every month. Too bad, I can’t do that for now as I said we are in a tight budget!

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Find An Easy Small Compact

It is hassle when you have to bring your make up kit every day, this bulky make up kit would also add heavy weight in your bag. But you also need to freshen up especially when you have to go to work and gimmick afterwards. Here’s and easy tip so you will goodbye to your bulky make up kit. The answer is you just have to mix and match, I am sure you can find a small make up set in the mall, few colors can make you look fabulous. As I said just do the mix and match, handy compacts can do the magic. Look for a handy compact that comes with bright color blush ons and eye shadows, make sure that it will provide you a long lasting colorful look and is skin friendly minerals and colorants, this minerals and colorants shall blend well to your skin.

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I Finally Received My Bag

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It was last week of August that the staff of an online shopping sent me the code. It was the new code because the one that they gave me last was not working at all. It took them a while to replace the code but it’s okay since I really need a bag this time. So I encoded the code to the online shopping and after 3 days the bag was sent to me. I could not contain my happiness, I’ve got a new bag that is free!

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This is the brand of the bag. The bag is big enough for all my stuffs, I always like bags that is big so I could I put all my stuffs inside. I just like it, I flaunt it right away the first day I received my bag.

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Here’s the bag, I received it with wide open arms

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