Sell The Old Ones To Buy A New One

Just last week, my eldest daughter is asking me to videotape her while she is playing with her guitar, she said she will cover a song that she just learned recently but too bad I just didn’t have time until the other day. She was strumming her guitar and she is showing it to my sister, my sister noticed that the sounds of her guitar is not playing properly, I mean it doesn’t have good result. She just said that it is maybe because she accidentally dropped few months back. If only I have a budget to send her guitar to a repair shop, she could get to play very well. Or maybe another guitar, I am not sure but let’s see MF if my budget is right. And if it is not, perhaps we can sell her 3 old guitars so we can buy a new one. Meanwhile, we just have to satisfy ourselves listening to her strumming; taking her a video will be later.

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Be Yourself And It Will Work Well

The color black is always on top when it comes to fashionable color, of course you can match any color with it. It suits your needs especially during fall or winter. Try also lot of fur, coats, jackets and leather. The military look can be also fashionable, I am just not sure with this year but last year they are having a comeback. But if you match the military look with a trendsetting color I am sure it will be so stylish. Enhanced your imagination, I am sure it will grab a look. Sequins and shiny fabrics can be a good outcome to your daily wear, just instill it in your mind be yourself when wearing clothes, you don’t have to follow what trends nowadays the important is pick up a wardrobe that suits of who you are and surely enough it will work well in you.

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Just Look Not Shopping But Soon

Faith and I were roaming around in the mall yesterday when she noticed a shop displaying some guitars, she even told me that if her sister was with us, she would definitely get inside the shop to check and look for guitars. Faith and I went inside the shop for a minute or two, I wanted to stay more to roam around but Faith is fidgety already because she wants to check some books in the nearby bookstore. I just did not insist to stay for long inside the guitar shop since I know that there is a store online we can depend on with music accessories and instruments, we just have to browse and look and viola we can even have great finds. From the equipment to guitar to accessories and even hughes & kettner tubemeister 18, we can find it in the comfort zone of our home. However of course, my eldest daughter will not persist now in looking online as we don’t have extra yet, once we finish this house I will make sure, I will get whatever they want. Just hold on kids, sooner or later we can shop even more and limitless!

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Yuko Rubber Shoes

Oh no! This is not Sanrio or Hello Kitty shoes; this is Yuko maybe a new brand perhaps? Anyway, this has been on sale when we went to Gaisano Mall last Saturday. After begging Faith to please choose the shoes she likes, finally she picked up this pair of rubber shoes. Now every time she woke up in the morning, she would ask if it is Friday today because Friday is P.E. day and that is the only day she could wear her new rubber shoes.

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