I Miss Roaming Around The Mall For Longer Hours

Yeah, it has been a year that I am working and even though the exit from work is a mall and sometimes we would go inside to get some money, I still miss roaming around the mall for longer hours. I mean unlike before that I can go to the mall anytime if I want to look things to touch my favorite clothes and to buy the things I love. Now I can’t easily do that, I need to wait for my day off to do that and mostly I spend my rest day paying all my bills.

Uh uh, on the second thought I just went to the mall last Monday, I was with my kids but we were in a hurry. I wanted to stay much longer to choose the sunglasses that I want but I can’t stay there for a while, we need to go right away as I still need to sleep for work later. I just went to grocery store to buy some foods to cook at home, and then bought doughnuts for the kids. We didn’t even have time to eat out because I need to drive home right away.


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Shop Online Like A Pro

You can actually get benefit on shopping over the Internet, first and foremost you will no longer fall in like. It will be just a click away and then you’re done. The disadvantage for shopping online is that you cannot fit the clothes you spotted. You will just have to choose the size that you think you can fit on but when it arrived you are surprised because it is way too small or too big.

So when you shop online, know your size. We are surely aware that sizes will depend the clothes were made from or the brands. So you need to know your measurement from the bust, waist, hips and inseam.

Make sure to check the size charts. Take a look of the chart available on the website to make sure that you are choosing the right measure according to your size.

Most of all read the reviews, make sure the website is legit before you will check out your order otherwise you will be sorry in the end because the items that you ordered online did not arrive. Avoid getting scammed.


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I Hope To Be Motivated At All Times

I procrastinate, no doubt about that. But I hope since I already started this I should be motivated on making it to the end at least for this month. I didn’t have the belt at all, it was gone I nearly lose hope but since I am so agitated to start doing the Zumba on Wii. I was able to find a way. The binder that I had after I delivered Faith is just sitting in the corner, it is not set I don’t the other part but I am sure this will fit to serve as my belt for my Zumba. I hope to be motivated to do these at all times with no absent at all.

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Saving Money On A Budget

Don’t start your month short on cash especially when you are on a tight budget. It is crucial indeed to save money while your money is limited. But I am positive that you can do it right. I know that when your budget is tight it is hard to come up with money to save to avoid being panic when emergency arise. But shifting the way you think about budget can make a good result, it can’t be overnight but once you practice it, I am sure it can help your finances.

A way to save money is to shop smarter, meaning to say know your priority. For example when you want to bring some snacks for your kids, and you were thinking of a J Co doughnut but that is pretty expensive, get a snack that is lesser the expenses. Go to Goldilocks perhaps and get some yummy bread that is lesser the cost.

Keep the change, no it does not mean you have to give away the change when you are doing some grocery shop but ask for a change to keep it because somehow you will need those coins when you grocery shop again.

Pay yourself first. Pay your bill first and do not go around to the mall when its payday because you will just get tempted to shop around while it is not needed.


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