Beauty Rule

I guess you all know that I adore Nadine, she is so simple yet she upholds herself very well. Simple but when you look at her you will be very stunned with her beauty. On the other hand, as I posted in Mary Anne’s Musings, I finally bought the “Team Real Book“. Here is some of Nadine’s beauty artist ‘beauty rule’.

Always clean your face before applying anything. Then, rub ice all over to reduce the appearance of pores.

Even if you have oily skin, you still need to use moisturizer. Just pick one that is oil free so it doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Brightening concentrates/serums also help reveal your natural glow. You can even mix it with foundation for a luminous complexion.

Choose multi-functional products, like a cleanser, makeup remover and toner in one. This will cut down time spent on your skincare and makeup routine.

For more tips, buy the ‘Team Real’ book of Jadine, I can assure you, it’s worth every penny.


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Sports Bag For Her

It has been a while that my eldest daughter asked me to buy her a sports bag, we had a sports bag from before but one is busted and the other one is worn out already. Today, I went to a music shop to supposedly buy a chin rest for Faith’s violin but I could not find any. So after I went to the music shop, I went to the mall to buy them their uniform fabric. I roamed around the mall a little bit and I remember that I need to buy my eldest daughter a sports bag. I was looking for something similar with my gym bag but they don’t have it already. I spotted 2 kinds of sports bag, the first one was this:

 photo 13690797_10209433137001468_4425469958679077726_n.jpg

I called Mj to tell her the design and the color of this sports bag but she said it’s too girly. So I roamed around a little bit and I found this:

 photo IMG_01341.jpg

When I informed Mj of the color and the design, she approved of it already. So I bought this instead of the other one. But if I am the one who would make a choice. I’ll pick the first one because the color is cool and fit for teenagers but Mj doesn’t like it. She likes the Highland more.

 photo IMG_01352.jpg

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Unlimited Possibilities With Lab Coats

When you think of a lab coat, you probably think about a medical professional working in an office or a hospital. While this is often the scene where lab coats are worn, there are also kids lab coats that help to protect the skin and clothing while children are participating in arts and crafts or while they are in a science lab and learning about reactions. There are a few other uses for lab coats that will likely make children happy.

Halloween is a time to use the imagination. Children can wear a lab coat so that they look like a doctor or a scientist. With the right accessories and a bit of paint, the costume can look amazing. You can often find all of the items that are needed at a dollar store or retail store at an inexpensive price. After Halloween, the coat can be used for other purposes so that it’s recycled instead of being thrown away or donated.

A white lab coat is easy to add decorations to, allowing children to showcase their imagination. You can add embroidery to the coat in a design of a character that children enjoy or patches that are ironed onto the front and sleeves. Children can tie-dye the coat or add jewels to make it sparkle. There are many ways that children can create a piece of artwork with a simple coat so that they have something personalized to use for playing or arts and crafts.

While working on arts and crafts projects at home or at school, the coat will protect the clothing from getting messy. It will also help protect the skin from paint and markers that might take more time to get off. Since the child will have the coat on, they will be able to have fun without worrying about whether they are getting their clothes ruined. Give children a white lab coat, and they will often come up with an idea that you might not think about, such as pretending to be a chef or pretending to be a doctor while playing with friends or even stuffed animals. The possibilities are endless with a simple piece of clothing.

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Until We Sell The Old School Uniform

Mj is aware that we are having financial constraints nowadays and so it took me a while to buy her a new set of uniform since we transferred her to a new school. It took me a while to pay the sewer until there was one person who was willing to buy her uniform from the previous school. She asked my permission if she could sell it and since she will no longer use it anymore, I agreed to sell the uniform. We were able to sell it for P350.00, Mj said if she can save the money but I said if she can pay the uniform instead. Mj then agreed with me to just pay the uniform instead so she can wear her uniform the next day. I just added P50.00 since the price for one pair is P400.00. My eldest could not contain her happiness when she was able to wear her uniform the next day. We took the other pair next week yet, so I told her to just laundry the blouse every day. I thought she won’t understand but I was amazed because she did. She never complained at all and just followed what I asked her to do, so she can have a clean blouse every day. Thank you GOD that I have a very understanding teenager, even though we sometimes argued but in the end, she is always the one I depend on.

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