Can He Handle It?

My oldest daughter has been playing the guitar for a couple of years now and has expressed her interest in learning to play the drums and other instruments. One of the items she has expressed interest in are various whistles. In particular, she thinks a siren whistle can really add to her performance on the drums.

I am not sure if my husband’s ears can handle a drummer with a loud siren whistle. I am sure he can adjust since he wants her to be successful in whatever she does. It will be interesting to see what use my oldest can make of a siren whistle, while playing the drums or guitar. I wonder if she can accompany her youngest sister who is learning the violin.

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Pair Of Short

I’d been planning to buy a pair of short, it is just I don’t have time. But since it is summer and it’s one day to go we will be traveling, I bought myself a pair of short. I never tried a white color for pair of short before and so I picked this one:

 photo IMG_08371_zpsp41rg2pp.jpg

White always looks neat and since I didn’t have white even for a pair of jeans, pair of short will not be bad at all, right?

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Shopping For Tomorrow

One day to go and we will be travelling. I already bought some things to bring on our team building. Just today I and Mj went shopping. We bought some slippers to use there, and a T-shirt for her. I also bought a blouse to wear when we go back from our travel. And since we will go to hot spring, of course I need to buy shampoos, conditioner, body wash, body scrub and the like. We went home from shopping at night already. Mj and I are very excited and looking forward for tomorrow. I wanted to pack right away but geez I am already sleepy when we get home so I slept, when I woke up at dawn that’s the time yet that I started packing.

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Summer In Your Step

Summer is just right to free your worries, minimize dressing up. I know that you know for sure that tank tops and daisy dukes can be seen anywhere during summer. Why not make your summer free from the norm instead experiment with fun footwear. Look for footwear that you can just slip on when you are in a hurry to run errands or footwear that you can wear during weekend trips. You can try colorful designs, I am sure it can add up some spring to summer. For you step, make sure you pick a comfortable, creative and fragrant. Flossy shoes can also be nice for the sunny season.

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