13th Month Reserved

I am glad that our company gave us the 13th month in the first week of December. Yes, it is very early and I am so delighted however I could not just spend it to myself, it is reserved for my family this Christmas. My husband could not seem to send us enough this year for the gifts of the kids. I already detected when he told me that he will send the kids some gifts when he gets back and I am sure that it will not gonna be this month. So I represented myself, my 13th month pay supposed to be for house repair but because I don’t want my kids to have empty hands on Christmas eve again just like a year ago, I have the house repair set aside for now. The most important is that this Christmas are my kids to enjoy their gifts, the gifts that they wished for long time. I don’t care if I don’t have anything this Christmas, I’ll just buy something for myself when this season is over.

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But With Determination

I just witness my daughter’s guitar performance during the battle of the band inter-school competition. She was so adorable when she played as the lead guitar, she looks so amazing when it was her turn to strum, and she definitely sounded like a pro. Now that the holiday is fast approaching, I was thinking to buy her a guitar just like the Parker Fly, we are in a tight budget but I am doing my best to suit well. I am making sure that I spend my money only for bills and for our kid’s school. From now on, I might have to lessened eating outside so to budget my expenses. This is hard, I know but with determination I will.

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How To Hide That You Were Sleepless

If you have dark circles under your eyes.

Use Tea Bags. Put one tea bag each of your eyes. The tea bags should be chilled and drained and you should place the tea bag over your eyes for 5 minutes. This will tighten the blood vessels. It would help you to lessen the dark circles under your eyes.

Unlike with puffy eyes, the concealer should be applied before the foundation if you have dark circles. Remember you are correcting the color, so the rule is concealer goes first before the foundation.

Color correct. For darker skin tone, red lipstick is the answer. If you have a triangle shape, pat your products on in thin layers so to cover the dark circles.


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Bone Graft Guide and Procedures

Many medical experts in various cities implement bone grafting procedures to fix joints. They also rely grafting tools when their patients need new bone tissue following a surgery that involved a total knee replacement.

If you visit a medical facility to get a bone graft, you’ll have two options, which are an allograft and an autograft. During an allograft, surgeons use a cadaver that has been kept in a tissue bank. An autograft is a more extensive procedure because it involves the patient’s own bone tissue. Before the surgery, a specialist extracts bone tissue from the ribs, wrists, or pelvis.

The Importance of Bone Grafting

Surgeons use bone grafting because it’s an effective solution that benefits people who have minor or complex fractures. When compared to other treatment options, bone grafting is better since it has a faster recovery time.

If two bones are injured, they can be fused in a specific area where a disease is located. This technique speeds up the healing process and is usually done along the spine.

When a patient has bone loss, grafting tools are often used because the procedures have great regeneration properties. During this process, surgeons focus on inflections that generate in cavities and around large portion of bone tissues.

Possible Risks

Thanks to titanium mesh and horizontal ridging, patients don’t have to worry about major risks during a surgery. However, minor risks can occur before or after a bone graft procedure. Some people may experience:

Nerve damage

If you’re concerned about the risks, have a discussion with the surgeon in advance. In most cases, a surgeon may be able to provide suggestions that can minimize the risks.

Preparing for Bone Grafting

Before any procedures are implemented, the staff at the hospital will need information about your complete medical history. If you’re taking any supplements or over-the-counter medications, carefully describe each product. When vital medication information isn’t shared, complications could occur during a surgery.

If you have achy bones or damaged joints, a bone grafting surgery can be very beneficial. After the procedure, you’ll feel less pain once the bandages are removed.

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