Unique Print Of My Top

When I went out with friends one night to have dinner in a nice restaurant, while waiting I roamed around the mall and I saw some clothes that are for sale that time. I went inside the ginger snaps and I saw a top that has a unique print. I checked the price and it was too way affordable from the original price.

 photo 10257758_10203152637432904_7085788140509962691_n.jpg

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A Summer Dress and A Bubbly Pair Of Slipper

 photo HPIM2809.jpg

The other day, my youngest daughter and I went out to the mall to shop for a Hawaiian costume. I do not have any idea what is a Hawaiian Costume, what I had in mind is a flowery dress and good thing that I saw many flowery summery dress in the Department store and this dress is the one she picked up.

Of course since the party stated that we should wear Hawaiian costumes, I also bought a slipper for her. I saw these bubbly slippers and I guess it is the perfect match of her dress.

 photo HPIM2808.jpg

This is the pair of slipper that I bought for her to wear for her classmate’s party. She was delighted to ever wear what we shopped the other day. She was even so excited to attend the party.

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Beauty Boosters

If you think that vitamins are only for our health, you are wrong because taking vitamins can also be a beneficial for our beauty. Let’s take for an example:

Iron: Iron can strengthen nails, if you keep on having it manicured and color I guess you better take a vitamin that is rich of iron because it can help your nails not easily damaged. Iron can also prevent acne or pimples breakout.

Zinc: Taking zinc can improve collagen production, and it can make our cuticles healthy.

Vitamin K: It can help us fade our dark circles, especially to the eyes.

Collagen: This can prevent from wrinkles, it makes your skin healthy and plump up.

Glutathione: This is famous for whitens or lighten skins, and it protects against free radicals.

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Shopping Day For My Youngest

It was shopping day for my youngest daughter yesterday. She will be attending a birthday party this afternoon and as I mentioned they will have to wear a Hawaiian costume. We went in the mall yesterday, I already had been eyeing to buy those flowery dress for Faith last week, yeah I roamed around first in the mall to decide which dresses she would wear. When we went there yesterday, I picked the maxi dress type but it didn’t fit to Faith and they don’t have any other sizes for that dress. Anyhow I bought the other flowery dress, and Faith likes it better. We also bought a bubble slipper to match her Hawaiian although slight costume.

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