Audition For Glee Club

My youngest daughter will audition for GLEE club in their school next week. She knows what she will present to the judges and that is to play with her guitar but the thing is she wanted to practice and record what she have to do so if ever there are things that she needed to change or needed to improve she will know through recording. She is thinking what kind of portable recorder she would like to buy and I recommended tascam dr-40. The audition is next week and she have to buy this accessory really soon, if my husband would sent us funds then maybe we can buy today. I hope is available at the store, oh well we just have to cross our finger. 

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Got So Many Clothes From A Friend

Yesterday after I went out from work, my friend messaged me if we could have lunch together. I was hesitant at first because I don’t have budget but since she said she would treat me. So I said yes, we went to Bigbys to have our lunch and then coffee afterwards. Since it is too early yet fetch Faith, she invited me to her house. She was segregating all her old clothes and put it in the box that she purchased earlier. And one thing that I was happy about because she gave me some of her clothes. Some of it are shorts, which I like so much because I was planning to buy some shorts but I just don’t have budget yet. See even if I am working, my budget is still so tight.

Good thing that I went with my friend at their home, because she was able to share some of her clothes to me. The shorts is what I am excited about but bad thing is the school of Faith won’t allow parents to wear shorts. Sigh. But anyway, Saturday that is, I’ll make sure I will wear one of it tomorrow. I am just so excited, thanks for sharing it my friend.

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Punk Fashion

If you’re a fan of punk fashion, you most likely appreciate T-Shirts that feature rebellious jargon and you probably own a pair of leather pants that you wear with your favorite combat boots and have all of the best matching accessories. You might not realize how the history of punk rock music began, however, and how much of an impact it had on everything from politics to religion. Here is a brief overview about the history of punk rock music.

How Punk Rock Took its Roots

What started as an anti-establishment musical genre turned into a movement during the 1970s. Punk Rock was preceded by the boom of rock and roll music that began in the 1950s and carried into the early 1970s. Bands like The Ramones and Sex Pistols rose to prominence in the United States and England and created a movement that inspired a do-it-yourself attitude, which directly impacted fashion trends.

The Inspiration behind the Music

The heart of the movement around the world was mainly intended to provoke a contentious and rebellious mindset in which young people could begin to think for themselves, rather than being spoon-fed information and simply conforming to it.

The Fashion Trends that Emerged

While many of the fashion trends in the early punk rock movement were different from the most popular trends we see today, there are several styles that are still quite popular because the message of deliberately offensive clothing is still the heart and soul behind punk rock. Leather, chains, badges, spikes, Dickie’s pants, Doc Marten combat boots, body piercings, fishnet stockings, military attire, Mohawk hairstyles, unnatural hair colors and bondage pants are all staples of punk rock fashion that are still popular today.

These are just a few examples of how punk rock music has shaped the world around us, and will most likely continue to for decades to come. Its roots have been primarily influenced by controversial people from society like skinheads, heavy metal and grunge musicians and rude boys. Some of the most common fashion spin-offs of this style include steampunk, goth, ska, industrial and greasers.

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We Are Beautiful

Every one of us would like to look beautiful in the eyes of others. And most of us women would spend countless times in front of the mirror, fixing our hair and putting some make ups on. There are times that we also spend countless times to redo and undo our looks. But none of us have a clue that we are the one who makes ourselves beautiful. I mean aside from putting make ups it is still up to us to look impressive to others. You see we don’t actually needs those make ups, eye shadows, blush on and some others. If we are confident of what we wear, if we know how to make it more beautiful, then we are pretty as well. If you feel like you are, then flaunt. Do not care at all of what they say as long as you say it to yourself I am pretty and whatever I have, I am proud of it.

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