G-Shock And Mossimo

It was about Christmas that I was planning what gifts I will buy for the kids. After a week of thinking, I was able to come up with an idea, I bought them watches.

One of the parents in Kumon whom I was able to befriend with, offered me a G-shock watch, I thought to buy the same brand for Faith but they are all so big for her. Thus, I decided to just buy one for MJ and supposedly sketcher for Faith but when I checked it in SM, the straps are all so big. There’s one but was Mossimo and there’s only one that is available, the one on display. I don’t have to choice but to buy it. So here are the watches I bought for them last Christmas.

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Fashion Trend From New York Fashion Week

So whenever a fashion trend strikes, everyone then comes rushing to wear it. You might be wondering why what in this 2018, oh well this fashion trend this year might be a surprise for you.

This coming spring, American dream strikes again because designers made this idea of stripes with red and blue color. Be it with horizontal or vertical stripe or full of stars in between.

Designers consider urban vibes this 2018 though it is represented in unique ways. The common item is windbreaker jacket, parka is in too and anorak, or whichever you may see them everywhere.

Fancy shiny jeans or pants paired with evening attire. You may get bejeweled these designs as you can see them glittering in the runway. It is a formal treatment but when you see the pants or jeans, and these fancy jackets, you will simply adore them that these designs will take you to a fabulous gala.

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Wellness Basics: How To Obtain Exemplary Health

Once you realize that maintaining excellent health leads to a greater degree of efficiency and enjoyment in every area of your life, it’s important to begin implementing techniques that will promote wellness. Below you’ll find just a few techniques that can get you on the road to exemplary health:

1. Eat The Right Foods.

As many wellness experts know, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is lackluster in numerous ways. For example, this diet does not contain adequate amounts of fiber. Another issue with the SAD diet is that many if not most of the foods are processed. This means that they contain a wide range of harmful chemicals and preservatives that can contribute to unwanted outcomes like weight gain and lethargy. For these reasons and more, you want to avoid the development of substandard eating habits. Instead, get in the habit of consistently putting nutrient-dense foods in your mouth. If you need assistance with the diet optimization process, note that you can hire a licensed nutritionist to assist you. You can also use free online resources like Cronometer and World’s Healthiest Foods to learn more about how you can eat optimally.

2. Participate In Physical Activity Every Day.

In addition to eating the right foods regularly, make sure that you begin participating in physical activity every day. Doing so will help you start attaining some, most, or even all of the benefits that result from consistent engagement in exercise. Some of those benefits include improved body composition, enhanced immunity, increased respiratory capacity, increased cardiac output, and enhanced aerobic capacity. Exercise can also promote mood stability, and this outcome can be particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with mental disorders such as depression!

3. Obtain Great Dental Care.

Dental care plays an integral role in promoting overall health. For example, taking good care of your teeth can reduce the flow of potentially harmful bacteria throughout your blood stream. Practicing good oral care habits can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your teeth, with this outcome enhancing your self-esteem. Because enhanced self-esteem is linked to improved mental health, you don’t want to overlook the process of implementing sound oral hygiene habits and obtaining professional dental care. If you’re searching for a dentist Wheeling IL residents can rely on, know that the professionals of Northwest Implant Dental Spa can assist you.


Three techniques you can deploy to get and remain on the road to health include eating the right foods, participating in physical activity every day, and obtaining great dental care. Start using these techniques now so you can begin to feel incredible!a

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A Discount Out Of A Discount

So before the mall burn down, I tagged along my eldest daughter to shop for the things she will be wearing in their Christmas Party. We bought the pair of shoes that she has been eyeing when we went there the first time. Good thing it was on sale, I got more discount since I have the rewards card. But before she decided for the shoes, it took her a while to pick what she really wants.

Finally she took this pair of shoes  after almost of one hour roaming around.

But I wonder why she did not wear it after she wore it on the Christmas Party.

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