Saving For Her Dream Guitar

We are in a tight budget right now and my kids especially my eldest understands that. So whenever she wants to buy something, she would think it a million of times if it is necessary or not. If it’s not then she will have to set it aside including the guitar that she was dreaming to buy now. She is taking a back and just said if I have enough money then maybe we can buy that, she understands our situation right now. It is hard to look at them trying also to budget and save, yes she is saving right now, all the left money from her allowance was put to the bank and so far she loves what she is doing. She is aiming for that guitar to buy from her own pocket.

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Wedding Gown For 2015

There are at least 10 wedding gowns trends for 2015 but there is only one catch my attention and that is the gown below.

 photo rivini-wedding-gown-with-high-neck.jpg

It is called rivini-wedding gown with ultra dramatic necklines, yes I love the necklines part, it is somewhat conservative but with sexy look on it. It is not too revealing perfect if you have a church wedding.

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What To Do?

My niece’s acquaintance party is fast approaching, I already asked her what is their theme this time since their theme last year was a pajama party. When she was about to tell me what’s their theme this time, I was crossing my fingers that it is something that we don’t need to buy or at least expensive. But I was wrong because, she told me then that they will have to wear striking colors of dress so I guess we need to make a canvass. She already informed me that she just found one but she did not ask the price I just hope that it is not expensive or else I will be doomed.

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Goodbye My Sketchers Flip Flops

Geez after it was almost lost when we went to Tagum to compete; I think my Sketchers Flip Flop is now giving up. I can see the Thong is loosened and anytime soon it will detach. Good thing I bought a pair of sandal last May and that is what I am using now but it is not comfortable at all when I need to go to school or to the swimming pool, I need a flip flops to wear. I guess after I would pay all my bills this month then I will buy another pair of flip flops. I already seen one pair in the mall and it costs P2, 300.00; I have to save for it. I hope before the end of this month I can buy that pair. Why that? While I can see any other pair which is not that costly, oh well that brand is famous with its quality and durability I guess I can use it for years before it would give up.

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