A Gift From A Friend

I really thought I could not buy something new already for my birthday, I mean it is already days passed my birthday so I thought maybe I will just have to buy something new when the budget right. But last Saturday, in the morning, I received a messaged from a friend in Texas, I was already thankful that I got a birthday greeting from her aside from the birthday greeting from my other friend also in the same state. Sometimes, I wonder why most of my friends are going to Texas. LOL. Anyway, she chatted me in the messenger sending me wishes. And I was surprised that she sent me a combine numbers for XOOM. And she told me then it is her birthday gift for me. The moment I received the birthday gift, I could only thought but one, I have to buy a pair of jeans. Yes, it is just so right timing, because one of the malls still has sales! Here’s what I bought:

 photo IMG_0131_zps4a82bde6.jpg

I love the designs, it is different from what I usually picked.

 photo IMG_0133_zps359fe0a6.jpg

It is the same as what I bought before, I love the fabric of this jean it is just so comfortable.

 photo IMG_0132_zps7b5f0f62.jpg

I just wanna say thank you to my friend, thank you for always remembering my special even sometimes I forget yours and to that I am sorry. I am sorry that I don’t have time to chat with you. But please know that I always misses you, my partner in crime is now living happy with her husband and I am so happy for you too, it is just I miss our bonding together. I just wish that you are here that even we don’t have a grand celebration but our laugh together is just so incomparable.

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Customize Your Halloween Costume

It is almost Halloween, are you ready for trick or treats? Oh well here in the Philippines we just go to the malls for the event and would ask candies from any stalls or boutiques. If you are like me who’s in a tight budget and don’t have money to buy a costume, maybe it is best to modify or make our kids their own costume.

To make a strawberry shortcake, we can check our kids’ closet if they have a white blouse, a pink skirt that falls above the knee can do then striped pink socks then match it with white loafer.

Now this is the cheapest among them, if you have a boy, turn him to a formal dude into the famous Kent Clark office get up. Then just add superman shirt as to the underneath. Match his get up with no grade eye glasses, choose the nerdy one.

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Sense and Style

If you are opting to past appearance and right into the soul, choose some shoes that introduces not only unique style but also possess beautiful souls. There are some sandals that feature stunning sky-high, booties that have laces with leather on it. Talk about pastel heels, wooden animal print platforms and bright rubber pumps. Those styles can absolutely help you complete your look. Of course pick up the styles that are comfortable to you, not only because they are just pretty to your eyes. They have to be comfortable to wear for you to walk properly especially when you spend your whole day outside to your house and would require standing for long hours.

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Only In My Dreams

 photo images_zps43d1879a.jpg

It is my birthday today, and I thought I could buy something new today at least for my special day however I don’t have extra. The first thing in my mind when I received the funds that my husband sent me is to pay the tuition fee of Faith in Kumon and to buy foods for the house. And that’s it then I don’t have anything extra anymore. Maybe buying something new will be just in my dreams now, or until I could get a real job for me to support some of our expenses at least and I won’t be dependent anymore to my husband. At least if I could get a job and I have a blog for back up, I could sustain our daily expenses at home.

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