During Slash Offs

If only I have money today, maybe I am already in the mall, shopping endlessly.

Have you think of something like you are free to shop, like when you want something, you will just pay for it in the cashier without asking for a price anymore. It is just because you like the item that’s why you buy it. How I wish to shop without minding the price at all, like you are holding your paper bags left and right because you shop this and buy that and take it and took that. I love shopping simply because I am a woman.

What about for a person who loves to collect musical instruments? I am sure they would wish of buying something new, like guitar, violin and or harmonica. If you are a thrifty like me, I would go for slash off, discounts, or during On Sale. Maybe since we just had our mall wide sale, you already bought the musical instruments that you fell in love with, maybe you were smiling from ear to ear when you check that all the items in musical accessories were on sale.

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Comfortable Footwear In Doing The Yoga

Since being fit has become trending, fashion outfit of going to the gym has also become trending. Stylish fitness wear added to our closets. If you regularly going to the gym I am sure there are many varieties of gym wear inside your closet. Comfortable footwear in going to the gym is a must too. Just like if you are doing yoga why don’t you wear the sling sandals so it is easy to bend, move and concentrate. The sling sandals should also made of a real soft yoga mat material so when you wear it during the session, it does not hurt your heels and toes at all. I tell you, this kind of footwear will inspire you more to get fit since you are not hurting on or after doing the yoga.

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50 Percent Discount At Bench

My youngest daughter recovered from her fever already so I tag my eldest daughter to go to the mall to grocery shop. There were many shoppers in the mall, of course I guess every mall has sales, some even had 50 percent discount. Just like I bought today, we went inside Bench to look for things affordable and I found one. This row of Brassiere has 50 percent off from P350.00; the bra would only cost P150.00 if we will buy it today. I asked the staff if until when they will have price off and they said it was their last day. By the next day, the price will go back to the original price. So I have to grab the 50 percent discount or I may lose half the price. I have my new brassiere now and I like it, it has color pink.

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My Fashionista

This was during the ethnic wear at their school. When we are about to go to the school, I asked her to posed for me and I was stunned with how she posed. She is surprisingly did it right.

 photo IMG_0182_zpsf34e46e3.jpg

Her outfit, the one that wrapped on her top is only a pillow case from my sister but it fits perfectly on her body. I also found a necklace and bangles perfect for their ethnic wear.

 photo IMG_0202_zpsdb9466eb.jpg

I am just not sure what she is doing her, I just find her so beautiful. I love you my fashionista youngest daughter.

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